Election can give no cheer to investors

November 08, 2010

Eileen Ambrose's column Sunday about the implications of the recent election for investors doesn't start off very well ("What a split Congress means for investors," Nov. 7). She says the four major issues are "the deficit, economy, Social Security and Medicare." I'll grant her "the economy" but the other three are just the same tired old right-wing Republican shibboleths — non-issues if we got the economy right, really. (Well, genuine health care reform would have helped Medicare.)

And since "the economy" boils down to "jobs," the lack of any will on the part of the White House or Congress to do something meaningful to increase employment (Ms. Ambrose is right that the GOP has guaranteed no more stimulus, which means no jobs right away), "the economy" is effectively off the table.

Me, I think I'll stay with my current investment profile, which has a mix of mutual funds and some bonds but not too many. I'll be watching the stock market closely, though, as the GOP tries its best to dig the hole deeper next year.

John Bosley

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