Where was discussion of wars during election campaigns?

November 05, 2010

We're all worried about the economy, that's obvious, yet in all the campaign rhetoric, why were our two wars rarely mentioned? America's invasion of Iraq and this country's involvement in Afghanistan were seldom cited. These two adventures will cost trillions when the bill comes due.

I listened to much oratory and was amazed our Iraq and Afghanistan involvements were never part of the debate. Voters may desire change, but why have they forgotten what's taking place half a planet away? Our fighting forces may be out of Iraq, but our "peacekeeping" programs in the area are costing billions.

And if President Obama thinks the new Republican power base will cooperate, he's in for a surprise. I've never heard such viciousness as in the past campaign. It took my breath away — and it's unlikely to mellow.

You state ("Change wins again," editorial, Nov. 4) that the election came down to one thing, the economy — but that's a broad concept. It's time Americans understand we cannot stop globalization, we cannot stop outsourcing and we cannot return our manufacturing to 1950s dominance. But we can stop two Middle East conflicts and trim the military policies draining our coffers. It's a shame President Barack Obama, who had promised change, failed to do this.

Rosalind Nester Ellis, Baltimore

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