Attack on church is un-Islamic

November 03, 2010

On Nov. 1, al-Qaeda members killed nearly 60 worshippers at Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad. As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, I condemn this attack, for it is utterly vicious, cold-blooded and outright un-Islamic.

Islam condemns any such action, as is seen in Prophet Muhammad's letter to the St. Catherine's Monastery in Mount Sinai: "Verily I, the servants, the helpers and my followers defend [Christians], because Christians are my citizens; and by God I hold out against anything that displeases them. No compulsion is to be on them. ... Their churches are to be respected. ... No one of the [Muslims] is to disobey the covenant 'til the [end of the world]."

I express my condolences to the victims' families in this difficult time and hope for swift action against the perpetrators of this heinous act.

Maaiz Khan, Baltimore

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