Nov. 2 begins the restoration of the Constitution

November 01, 2010

This letter is drafted on the eve of what will surely be the largest turnover of the Congressional House since the 1948 election of Harry Truman, with one major difference, Republicans will take back the House retiring at least 50 Democratic Obama stalwarts, and none too soon. Given the reality that our country teeters on 10 percent unemployment, has a government controlled by spendaholics, has seen two years of the worst economic decline since the 1930s and believed a candidate for president who promised to have all the answers to heal our collective concerns and differences, it is no wonder a tsunami of voters will descend on Tuesday to "throw the bums out." And, to a large extent, they are correct.

We were told unemployment would not exceed 8 percent this year, that "shovel ready" jobs awaited "hundreds of thousands" of workers, that Guantanamo Bay was to be closed, that taxes would not be raised, that letting the Bush tax cuts expire would create jobs, and that "going green" was the answer to all our planet's environmental issues and would "employ millions." Of course, if anyone believes all this stuff, I have some great beach front property for sale in Arizona.

Tuesday, Nov. 2, will be a historic election. It will begin the start to fiscal conservatism, the return to constitutional preservation and the resolve that President Obama's vision of a government by the government for the government shall perish from the earth as soon as possible. Amen.

Anthony N. Lambros, Bel Air

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