Let's focus on safe bridges, not pretty ones

November 01, 2010

The Sun praises Maryland bridge chief Earle Freedman's devotion to building beautiful bridges, such as the one that carries Reisterstown Road across the Beltway ("Career of Md.'s longest-serving worker spans 60 years," Nov. 1).

You don't mention the price Maryland taxpayers pay for Mr. Freedman's aesthetic preferences. Do we really need "brickwork and antique-style lighting fixtures" on a bridge over a freeway?

How many millions of our dollars have been spent over the years to satisfy Mr. Freedman's personal taste? Such government waste continues even in today's lean times — for example, the new Beltway interchange at Charles Street.

Allow me to add that I respect and appreciate Mr. Freedman's dedication to sound engineering and keeping our bridges safe. Let's focus our money there.

David Page, Baltimore

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