On Stewart and Colbert, Zurawik misses the joke

October 25, 2010|By David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun

I have always respected David Zurawik's opinions regarding TV programs, but Sunday's article about Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's shows he has absolutely no clue about what those "comics" do ("Laughing all the way to the voting booth," Oct. 24). There is a reason why (for better or for worse) Mr. Stewart is the "most trusted person in the news," according to a recent poll, a position he is actually uncomfortable with. If you ever paid real attention you'd see that Mr. Stewart very much cares about what's going on in politics these days, and what you call cynicism is satire at its finest (and no other person on TV has really mastered that); it shows us the naked truth, which we desperately need.

There are plenty of "serious" in-depth interviews with today's politicians and authors, done with tact, honesty and objectivity that can't be really found anyplace else on TV. After so much garbage, presented us by ratings-starved so called "analysts and pundits," which can really make one cynical, the Stewart/Colbert shows allow me to chuckle out loud and relieve the knot in my stomach after watching the "real" news.

Christine Silberberg

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