Remember Obamacare and take your vote seriously

October 19, 2010

I am asking every voter to take their vote seriously this general election. Voting a straight party line is not in your best interest, nor that of our state or country.

I want to remind every voter that our members of Congress told us that they knew better than us with regard to the health care reform legislation, and that they needed to pass this legislation to control cost and to provide insurance to those not insured. They voted without knowing what was in the bill, and now we all are stuck with bad legislation.

I was told by both Rep. John Sarbanes and Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin that this legislation would be good for me as well as the entire country. They stated this legislation was necessary to control the cost of health insurance. This week I learned that my health care premiums will rise 17 percent starting in January. Had either of them read the bill before it was passed they may have realized that health insurance had to increase with all the mandates that were imposed by this new law as well as insuring all of the uninsured.

They voted without reading the bill and put their trust in their party leaders rather than the concerns of the people they represent. So make sure you cast your vote for those who listen to their constituents and not those who think they know better than their constituents. This is why I am not voting for Congressman Sarbanes or Senator Mikulski. Hopefully readers of this letter will do the same and vote out those who do not listen to the majority of their constituents.

Joe Carrick, Linthicum

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