Rodricks omits a key word: 'Illegal'

October 18, 2010

Dan Rodricks commentary, "Pro-immigrant is pro-business" (Oct. 17) should have been, "Pro-legal immigrant is pro-business." Mr. Rodricks' article was in rebuttal to Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s comments during his recent debate. In quoting Mr. Ehrlich several times, Mr. Rodricks, in his quest to undermine and misconstrue, conveniently omitted the word "illegal" when referring to "immigrants."

Apparently, Mr. Rodricks agrees with Gov. Martin O'Malley that "illegal" immigrants should be called "new Americans." He equates illegal immigrants to the millions of men, women and children who have crossed U.S. borders legally in quest for a better life. He says, "Mr. Ehrlich, three weeks before Election Day, played the immigrants-are-criminals card." Really Mr. Rodricks? Once again you left out "illegal" in your comment, and if you do not know that illegal Immigrants are criminals, then perhaps you should become more versed with Federal Laws.

As far as contributing to our economy, you can quote anyone you like, but illegals have no place in our economy, for it is also a crime to hire illegals. Once again, what is it about the word "illegal" that you do not comprehend and continuously ignore?

Stephen A. Favazza, Towson

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