Chris Dufresne's Top 25 college football teams

October 14, 2010

Hey, it really wasn't that hard: Auburn beat South Carolina, which beat Alabama. So Auburn is No. 8 this week, followed by South Carolina and Alabama. Oregon State defeated Arizona, so it moves ahead of 'Zona, which stays ahead of Iowa. OK, time for lunch. Boise State, our No. 1 since Day 1, could be No. 1 in Sunday's first Bowl Championship Series standings, which at least temporarily would halt the hate mail to my Idaho in-box. Note to 'Bama fans bemoaning steep drop to No. 10: In 2003, LSU rallied from No. 12 in the first BCS standings to win the national title.

1. Boise State 5-0 (1): Like Seabiscuit and Secretariat, Broncos looking to unite a divided nation.

2. Oregon 6-0 (3): Top-ranked offense set to take on UCLA and its various offenses.

3. Ohio State 6-0 (4): Players thought Columbus Day was to honor their rise to No. 1 in the AP poll.

4. TCU 6-0 (5): Game at BYU is blacked out and/or on Versus.

5. Oklahoma 6-0 (6): Utah set the clobber bar high last week when it scored 68 on Iowa State.

6. Nebraska 5-0 (7): What looked like a silo sizzler against Texas now a drag on Huskers' schedule.

7. Utah 5-0 (11): Real season starts Oct. 30 at Air Force, followed by TCU and at Notre Dame.

8. Auburn 6-0 (10): If this keeps up, the Alabama game will mean more than its usual everything.

9. South Carolina 4-1 (16): No doubt about it: There are some mighty fine ball coaches in the SEC.

10. Alabama 5-1 (2): Not as bad as loss to 'SC (*protected by U.S. trademark) in 1970.

11. Arkansas 4-1 (9): State needs one more Cracker Barrel to tie Alabama at five.

12. Stanford 5-1 (12): Cardinal thinks plucky USC is close to becoming a Pac-10 contender.

13. Oregon State 3-2 (21): James Rodgers' injury leaves "Little Brother and the Holding (on) Company."

14. Arizona 4-1 (8): Behind every first-loss cloud is a trip to Washington State.

15. Iowa 4-1 (14): "Yanni's Greatest Hits" piped into practice to prepare team for Michigan Stadium.

16. Florida State 5-1 (NR): New coach didn't allow Miami game to be decided by a missed field goal.

17. Nevada 6-0 (18): Performing in the Reno Room: "Colin Kaepernick and the Comstock Lodes."

18. LSU 6-0 (19): Les Miles says it's better to be lucky than good — and better to be rich.

19. Michigan State 6-0 (20): Injunction preventing team from leaving state to play expires Oct. 23.

20. Oklahoma State 5-0 (23): Idiom Illustrated predicts Stillwater should run (and throw) deep vs. Kansas State.

21. Air Force 5-1 (24): Off to speediest start since Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.

22. Virginia Tech 4-2 (22): Getting off the mat more important than getting knocked down.

23. Miami 3-2 (15): Will combine football programs with Florida and be renamed "U of 7-4."

24. Florida 4-2 (13): Urban Meyer reinstates Chris Rainey after being told he can't reinstate Tim Tebow.

25. Wisconsin 5-1 (25): You don't want to know how team wins; it's like watching sausage being made.

Dropped out: Michigan (17).

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