Arundel Mills slots opposition is good for a laugh

September 29, 2010

I received mail from the people against slots at the Arundel Mills this weekend showing a picture of a mother with the headline, "I may never leave my kids at the mall again." I laughed out loud at the absurdity of the idea and then came to realize that there might really be people in our county who view a mall as a babysitter — which isn't laughable at all.

A mall is not intended to be a babysitter, and the fact that this idea is being pushed by the against-slots people is mind-blowing. For weeks they have been airing commercials showing moms walking hand-in-hand with their children, and now they are saying just drop them off and drive away.

The against-slots campaign's traffic and crime messages have been proven untrue, their "slots will go to Laurel" commercials are completely false, so I guess they are running out of options and have scraped the mall-as-babysitter idea from the bottom of the barrel.

I'm voting for Question A for the school funding, but the against-slots people can keep sending me their mail — if nothing else, it's a good laugh.

Kara Zang, Crofton

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