Let Showalter know we appreciate him

September 24, 2010

Buck Showalter may not be a magician, but according to many local baseball fans, he probably should be.

The Orioles new manager is the focal point in the team's turnaround. His astute attention to detail and a passion for the game has many Birds fans salivating for more good baseball next season, when Mr. Showalter will truly put his stamp on the team.

There is a way we as fans can show our appreciation for what Mr. Showalter has done these past few months for a previously lame ball team. Orioles' mediocrity got to the point where fans simply accepted it and turned their hopes solely to the Ravens in August. It was simply how we coped as fans of professional local sports.

We have the ability to show our appreciation for Mr. Showalter and his resurgent Orioles. Let's all show up for the game between the Tigers and Orioles on Friday, Oct. 1. Let's pack the ball yard; it will be an appropriate season-ending sendoff for a rejuvenated team. This team can, and will, rise above the ashes once again.

Mr. Showalter may not be a magician, but since his arrival there is certainly renewed hope for "Oriole Magic" in the future.

Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore

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