Mount Vernon park plan is beautiful

September 23, 2010

I have reviewed the plans for Mount Vernon Place, and they are amazing. I am a community resident who believes the benefits of having a world-class, drop dead gorgeous park in the historic heart of Baltimore will go way beyond just Mount Vernon. This project will impact the entire city. Finally, these squares will get the upgrades and restoration they deserve.

As someone who has been fortunate enough to see some of the most beautiful squares in Europe, I've long thought that Mount Vernon Place had the "bones" to equal them, and this plan will make that happen. The trees, many of which have been found to be diseased or close to the end of their life cycles, will be replaced by large trees that will quickly provide the shade and green that we now enjoy in the park. The same hesitation about tree removal was felt when older trees were taken down on Charles Street. And now, with its new trees, Charles Street looks wonderful.

It is time to move ahead and make these historic parks the spectacular and well-equipped gathering places they should be. I thank the volunteers who founded the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy, the impressive board that has stepped up to the plate to make this dream a reality, the city for supporting it, and the private donors who will fund it.

Susan Warren, Baltimore

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