White supremacist pleads guilty to beating elderly fisherman

Man who beat elderly black fisherman, threw urine at guard will get 31 years in prison

September 22, 2010|By Tricia Bishop, The Baltimore Sun

Calvin E. Lockner, the self-professed white supremacist who was accused of beating an elderly black fisherman last year then stealing his truck, pled guilty to four charges including assault Wednesday, and agreed to a 31-year prison term as part of the deal.

Sentencing is scheduled for Monday morning, to give the victims, including 77-year-old James Privott, who lost two teeth in the South Baltimore attack, a chance to appear. Privott was unavailable Wednesday, according to Baltimore state's attorney spokesman Joseph Sviatko.

Lockner, 29, had been scheduled for trial next week along with co-defendant Zachary Watson,18, though that case will likely be postponed because Watson's attorney is in trial on another matter. A third defendant, Emmanuel Miller, 16, was previously found by a juvenile court judge to have participated in the beating.

According to police, Privott was "targeted" by the group as he and his wife packed up their vehicle about 3:30 a.m. Aug. 18, 2009, after fishing at Fort Armistead Park. One of the attackers kicked and punched Privott while yelling a racial slur, and another person hit him with a baseball bat. Privott's eye socket was fractured during the assault.

The group then took his wallet and drove away in Privott's Chevy Tahoe, which police quickly tracked with the help of an anti-theft device.

Court documents describe Lockner as a registered sex offender who molested a little girl and raped a woman. He goes by the nickname "Hitler" and has a tattoo of the Nazi leader across his abdomen. After his arrest, he told police the attack "wouldn't have happened if [Privott] was a white man."

Lockner pleaded guilty Wednesday to four criminal counts: armed carjacking, first-degree assault in the beating of Privott, a hate crime and assault of a corrections officer. In May, while incarcerated awaiting trial, Lockner yelled "I hate you" at a corrections officer, then threw a cup of urine at the officer, who's expected to appear in court Monday.

Lockner will receive a one-year sentence, consecutive to the other terms, for assaulting the officer, Sviatko said.


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