Who needs rest? Apparently not Ravens

September 17, 2010|Peter Schmuck

News item: The Ravens face the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday in an important divisional road game after a bruising game against the Jets in New York and a short practice week, but they're still favored by 2 1/2 points.

My take: Clearly, rest is overrated …just like the Jets were.

News item: Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco repeatedly refused to talk about his infamous Twitter habit during a conference call with Baltimore-area reporters on Wednesday morning and did little to pump up his friendly rivalry with Ray Lewis and the Ravens.

My take: It's not easy to shut Ocho up, so you have to assume one of two things. Either Bengals coach Marvin Lewis was standing over him with an axe or Chad saw the hard knock that Ray put on Dustin Keller the other night and figured it out for himself.

News item: The Orioles entered the weekend series against the New York Yankees with a 26-15 record under new manager Buck Showalter. That works out to a winning percentage of .634, which — if stretched over the whole season — would give the O's the best record in baseball right now.

My take: If you don't think Showalter has made a huge difference in the way this team plays, you're crazy.

Bonus take: And, if you do think the Orioles are now good enough to compete with the top teams in the division next year as currently configured, I've got a rubber room reserved for you, too.

News item: New York Yankees star Derek Jeter started a new conversation on ethics in sports — and presented another argument for expanded video replay in baseball — when he feigned a hit-by-pitch in Wednesday night's game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

My take: Upon further review, what he did was no different — from an ethical perspective — than a catcher framing a pitch or a fielder acting like he tagged a base runner when he really didn't. Lighten up.

News item: Former University of Southern California running back Reggie Bush announced this week that he will voluntarily return the Heisman Trophy he won during a season in which the NCAA has retroactively declared him ineligible.

My take: Give Reggie points for his public relations savvy. The Heisman Trust was going to reclaim the award anyway, and this allowed Bush to give the appearance of taking the high road, which I'm sure is a great comfort to all the current Southern California players who will be paying for his sins for the next four years.

Related news item: Bush insisted during his news conference that the decision to return the Heisman Trophy is not an admission that he was guilty of the NCAA charges that he improperly accepted money and gifts during his college career.

My take: Yeah, right, and former coach Pete Carroll didn't see any of this coming when he jumped to the Seattle Seahawks before the NCAA sanctions were announced.

News item: Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis, who was forced to apologize for controversial remarks about female reporters earlier this week, had nothing more to say on the subject on Thursday. In fact, to make sure he didn't say anything, he let teammate Albert Haynesworth put tape over his mouth when he was approached by the media.

My take: He should have thought of that on Tuesday.

News item: The NFL reportedly has invited the Black Eyed Peas to headline the halftime show at the upcoming Super Bowl.

My take: Apparently, the statute of limitations has finally run out on the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake fiasco. Either that or there weren't any more 66-year-old classic rockers willing to stay up that late.

News item: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has sent a letter to the chancellor of the University of Tennessee asking him to eliminate a school-sponsored fishing team.

PETA's take: "The only lesson that fishing teaches students is that violence is acceptable when it is directed toward those who look different or are smaller and weaker than us."

Peter's take: Funny, I missed that episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" when Opie shoots up the post office.


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