Kamenetz names paid campaign staff after questions about $81K in salaries

Recent campaign filings did not say who was paid, how much

September 11, 2010|By Bryan P. Sears, Towson Times

Kevin Kamenetz's county executive campaign has spent about $81,000 on salaries and other compensation dating to 2009, although campaign filings don't make clear who was paid and how much, as state law requires.

Kamenetz's last three campaign finance reports, filed with the State Board of Elections, show the payments, but lists them all as lump-sum payments to a payroll company in White Marsh, rather than to individuals. The campaign released the names of paid staffers on Friday in response to media inquiries.

Kamenetz, a four-term councilman, is one of three candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in the primary election Tuesday. Neither of the other two Democratic candidates — Joseph Bartenfelder, also a four-term councilman, and former county employee Ronald E. Harvey — reported any salary expenditures.

Jared DeMarinis, director of candidacy and campaign finance at the State Board of Elections, said state law requires that campaigns provide itemized reports of individuals who were paid, along with the dates and amounts of each payment.

Kamenetz campign manager Peter Clerkin said Friday that "we have received no official communication" from the elections board that finance reports have been improper.

Clerkin said Friday that he and four other staffers have received payments, some of which date to April 2009. The workers are field director Jon Akchin, special assistant Stephen Knable and paid interns Ethan Hunt and Sean Rutherford.

Baltimore Sun staff contributed to this article.

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