'Burn a Quran' day un-American

September 06, 2010

It seems that in a post 9/11 world, Americans and Muslimericans (American Muslims) are at an impasse. The failed Times Square bombing and Fort Hood tragedy, along with a perceived lack of loyalty of American Muslims to this nation create an image of Muslims and Americans as being incompatible.

The September 11th "Burn a Quran" day just emphasizes the racial stereotypes and religious bigotry that our Constitution is supposed to protect Muslims from. In this realm, Muslims are treated as second class citizens and their religion is compared to that of a political ideology or a cult.

It is time for tolerance and rational voices to quell the extremes on both sides. I recommend the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's "Muslims for Peace" campaign (www.muslimsforpeace.org). The purpose is to overcome voices of intolerance — such as those who have planned a "Burn a Quran" day on September 11th — with dialogue and understanding.

Ahmed I. Khan, Aberdeen

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