Maryland State Fair welcomes new calf named 'Justin'

Kids chose to name baby Holstein after pop star

  • A Holstein calf born Sunday at the Maryland State Fair was named Justin after pop singer Justin Bieber. Children at the fair decided the calf's name.
A Holstein calf born Sunday at the Maryland State Fair was named… (Handout )
September 05, 2010|By Erica L. Green, The Baltimore Sun

Move over, Justin Bieber — another Justin has trumped your arrival in Timonium.

A Holstein calf was born Sunday afternoon at the University of Maryland birthing center at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, and fair officials said there were no surprises when a group of more than 100 children were tasked with naming the newborn.

"Justin," the calf — named after Bieber, who will play a sold-out show at the fairgrounds tonight — was born just after 3:20 p.m. and weighed in at 80 lbs. Justin's mother, who had been in labor since around noon, doesn't have a name.

Victoria Lake, of the University of Maryland birthing center, said the name overwhelmingly beat out four others: Sam, Buddy, Milky and Miracle.

"Yesterday, we were discussing the possibility of this calf being born — and we figured, no questions asked, it was going to be Justin," Lake said, adding that every year, animals born are bestowed the namesake of what's popular for kids.

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