Wine Find: 2005 Yarden Syrah

September 04, 2010|By Michael Dresser, The Baltimore Sun

This is not your grandfather's kosher wine. This is, in fact, a great dry red wine that any host would be proud to serve to guests. It's a full-bodied, creamy-textured, complex wine with more maturity and character than most of the newly released reds on the market. There's plenty of lush, chewy blackberry and spice flavor, with a hint of chocolate. Does $25 seem high? If this were from California and hadn't been blessed by a rabbi, it would probably be fetching $40-$50. (For those who care, the wine isn't mevushal aka pasteurized — a good thing for wine quality, though it raises logistical issues for the observant.)

From: Golan Heights, Galilee

Price: $25

Serve with: Lamb, beef, game

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