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Fourteen years after its "final issue," The Sun Magazine is back

September 02, 2010|By Mary Corey, Sun Magazine

We all remember the work experience that shaped us — the mentor, the project, the promotion. For me, it was an internship at the Sun Magazine.

I began there in 1984, at a desk cobbled together from a light table and spare folding chair. Somewhere between opening mail and writing my first story, I fell in love with the place and the profession. This, I realized, is what I want to do.

Since becoming head of The Sun newsroom, I've thought a lot about those days — how scary, thrilling and inspiring they were.

Beginnings are like that.

It's only fitting that a new chapter for me should mean a fresh start for something cherished from my past: the Sun Magazine.

It was first brought to life in 1946 as "a picture magazine with an idea. The idea is PEOPLE."

Fourteen years after its "final issue," the magazine is back. This version, a quarterly, remains true to the spirit that formed it but is firmly pointed toward the future. That means an online gallery lets you visually visit Sally Thorner's beautiful homes, behind-the-scenes video shows what really happened at our fashion photo shoot, and the trailblazing doctors whom you'll read about in these pages will answer your questions on this week.

Something old has been made new.

I have a better desk these days — an office, in fact — but I feel a familiar thrill as I look over these pages. I hope you find this beginning as inspiring as I do.

Mary J. Corey

Director of Content

The Baltimore Sun

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