Praise for former Poly principal

August 31, 2010

Just for the record, this mother of two Polytechnic Institute graduates wants it known that Dr. Barney Wilson was the best principal I ever worked with in 15 years raising four children ("Poly Principal Barney Wilson is reassigned to Reginald Lewis High," Aug. 11).

He worked seven days a week for that school, whether it was meeting with teachers, parents, students, painting the steps and hallways, or trying to raise funds from businessmen and alumnae. Dr. Wilson had such high standards for his students. Not only did he want every student to go to college but he encouraged them to go away if they had an opportunity to experience larger horizons.

However, a principal can only do so much when a system is underfunded and has weak leadership from the top, administratively and politically. Thank you Dr. Wilson for all you did for Poly. I only wish you got the thanks that you deserved.

Gwen L. DuBois

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