No new middle school in Owings Mills

August 31, 2010

After receiving several mailing pieces and listening to Baltimore County Council District 2 candidate Vicki Almond at many public forums, I feel it is time to get the facts out about the lack of need for a new middle school in Owings Mills ("Democrats line up for 2nd District seat," Aug. 16).

This is not my opinion, but rather, the facts disseminated by the Baltimore County Department of Education which state: "Based on enrollment projections…The middle schools in this part of the county are under capacity, and the ten year projections do not indicate that more capacity is needed to accommodate middle school students at this time". The report entitled Baltimore Public Schools 2009-2018 Enrollment Projections shows that as of 2018 none are expected to exceed capacity. I would wholeheartedly support a school when the Department of Education feels that it is needed.

The facts tell the truth and continue to show how Ms. Almond is misinformed.

I would suggest that Baltimore County take the land at Gwynnbrook Avenue and Owings Mills Boulevard to create a park with ball fields and walking trails for the Owings Mills community until such time that a middle school is needed. This is what the community wants and this was the action taken preceding the building of Woodholme Elementary School, which has proven to be a more beneficial way to add an amenity to the community in the interim.

Sherrie Becker

The writer is a candidate for Baltimore County Council, District 2, and executive director of the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce

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