Substance, not ambition, in 2010 vote

August 31, 2010

As we approach the political races ahead of us, voters should be warned about the price we pay when we pull the lever on September 14, 2010. There are many on the ballots and blogs of every sort, including The Baltimore Sun, espousing with promises galore. Many are unknowns; they do not have quantifiable evidence that they can support the claims they make to end health care issues; unemployment; violence in our communities; or the huge budget deficiency in government throughout our state.

For instance, who is this Sanquetta Taylor, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, who claims she will "fight for our quality of life" by bringing "new ideas and new evolutions" without a plan, or extensive government connections or even political experience. Cocktail talk is not the same as a plan. She, as well as others, are not prepared to enter the political arena and to walk the roads that bring about lasting change.

Maryland citizens should make informed voting decisions. We don't need any singing politicians and we don't need any pontificating unknowns assuming critical seats in government representing the people of this state. Integrity and honesty are proven at the grassroots level and not a few months before the votes are in: That's ambition folks, not substance.

Verinda M. Birdsong, Baltimore

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