High cost of war in Afghanistan

August 30, 2010

From The Baltimore Sun: Marine Commandant Gen. James Conway "expects Marines ... to be [in Afghanistan] until 2014 or 2015." ("Top Marine: Afghan win may take 5 years," Aug. 28).

In other words, Gen. Conway thinks we need five more years of spending $119 billion per year, not counting the interest – it's all borrowed – and not counting most of the future cost of treating our injured veterans. So he wants us to spend another $595 billion plus.

And exactly what are the chances of success – what is the definition of success?

Here is a major reason why there are no jobs here in the U. S. Rather than building schools, transit, or modernizing our electric grid to distribute clean energy, we are wasting our treasure and our soldiers' lives for the benefit of the military-industrial complex. In the process, we are damaging Afghanistan and creating enemies for our country.

Joan Cooper, Baltimore

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