Ask Outdoors Girl: Slick answer to oil disposal question

Slick answer to oil disposal question

August 27, 2010

Patrick Stingley writes: I'm sure you get this question all the time, but I can't seem to get a good answer anywhere else. I pumped a bunch of fuel, water and algae from the diesel tank in my boat. Where do you dispose of diesel fuel? I'm sure a lot of other boaters have this question every summer when the warm water allows all life to flourish, but I don't see an answer on the Maryland websites.

Outdoors Girl applauds you efforts to keep the environment clean and went to the experts who handle all things icky, the Maryland Department of the Environment, to find out how you and other boaters can handle disposal in a responsible manner. Spokesman Jay Apperson replies: Waste diesel fuel can be disposed in the same tank with the used crankcase oil. Waste diesel fuel is mostly used to blend with waste crankcase oil used for burning at power plants and in cement kilns. MDE's Oil Control Program recommends the diesel fuel be placed into the waste oil tanks at the marina for recycling. Some of the oil change facilities accept diesel to be mixed in their tanks as it significantly helps thinning the sludge buildup that accumulate in used oil tanks. Most landfills and small used oil recycling centers around the state can accept small quantities (less than 5 gallons). For larger quantities (50 gallons or more) it is recommended the diesel be stored in drums and a waste oil hauler be contacted to directly respond with a pump truck. The waste oil haulers typically like to receive diesel and heating oil No. 2 fuel as it helps with thinning the viscous oil and sludge from the trucks and is easier to process for resale.

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