Firing of cop in skateboarder incident sends wrong message

August 27, 2010

The children of Baltimore City are not being taught manners or proper behavior. These children are being taught it is all right to disobey rules and regulations and to be disrespectful to all adults and those in authority. This is why the schools are not places of learning but just warehouses for youth and filled with barely suppressed violence. Children cannot learn and teachers cannot teach because the violent, unruly, disrespectful youths allowed in them. The parents of these youths support and encourage these aberrant behaviors by never holding these children responsible for their actions, but then, are these parents acting or being held responsible for their actions?

Now Baltimore City is being held in ridicule once again, this time by a 14-year-old who knowingly rode his skateboard where it was not allowed ( breaking the rule), causing disruption in the flow of visitors to the Inner Harbor. He was interrupted in this very unpleasant activity by a police officer to whom this unruly, rude youth became verbally rude, disrespectful and, I would not doubt using his skateboard in a threatening manner towards this police officer because, after all, he had already been engaged in what could be construed as threatening behavior towards the pedestrians in Inner Harbor.

The police officer, instead of arresting him, raised his voice and reprimanded him. He told him this behavior was not acceptable and that the type of behaviors this boy was engaging in could eventually lead to a life threatening situation. In Baltimore City this is oh so true. But what happens? The mother and the father, I cannot call them parents as I have not been able to see any clear cut parenting having been done or accomplished, rewarded this disobedience of rule and this disrespect, tried to sue the city which means money from all taxpayers. And then Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III fires him!

Good job, everyone. Now all the youths of today know for a fact rules do not have to be followed, police do not have to be listened to nor be obeyed, adults do not have to be respected and only their individual wants and needs are important. This is why kids kill. There is no parenting, no being held accountable, and when an adult decides to hold someone accountable, the adult is punished way beyond reasonable. Now this criminal-in-the-making, this wiseacre kid, will have the pleasure of bragging that "I got that cop fired."

Again, good going, Mr. Bealefeld, great way to uplift the morale. Maybe you should go, maybe you are not leadership material, maybe you are too adversarial, maybe you have a problem with people recognizing your authority so you had to flex your muscle. But you did it the wrong way and you have taught the wrong lessons. Shame on you.

Maureen M. Craig

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