Senator Theatre subsidy a wasteful frill in tough times

August 27, 2010

Despite the Monumental City's monumental fiscal and other problems, the Gucci liberals who purportedly govern it and their state and federal counterparts have decided to provide $1.25 million in loans, grants and tax credits to well-connected insiders to renovate an old movie theater, which no doubt will screen only films favored by the high-brow set ("City panel approves deal for Cusacks to run the Senator," Aug. 26).

As a resident of the northern suburbs, I suppose that I should be grateful for the availability of this facility, which is much closer to my home than the downtown theme park where I might otherwise go for entertainment.

But as a state and federal taxpayer and one who cares deeply about the city and its less pretentious people, I am incensed that this frivolous enterprise has been approved, especially in these difficult times.

Barry C. Steel, Phoenix

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