Government pay nothing to be ashamed of

August 27, 2010

I would agree that there is some unethical behavior in both business and government. It may be true that, in some jobs, government employees are paid better than their private counterparts ("Business ethics' wrong focus," Commentary, Aug. 22). This wouldn't apply as much in professional positions. I worked for 38 years in the Library of Congress and retired in 2003. I currently work 20 hours per week in the library at CCBC-Essex. I would put my colleagues at LC and at CCBC up against any private sector employees and bet that they would compare favorably. In those instance where government salaries are significantly higher, it's not because government workers are overpaid, but rather that private sector employees are underpaid. The fact that government employee benefits are also more generous is nothing to be ashamed of.

There are many important economic and social problems which are not being addressed by the private sector. Examples are infrastructure projects, health insurance (although that may improve in the next few years) Still, we should have moved go a single-payer system. The problem with Medicare is not that people are unsatisfied with the service, but that funds are lacking. Same goes for Social Security. Many Americans do not earn a living wage. The only equitable source for the funds to address these problems is taxation.

Thomas DiLorenzo writes that "the ostentatious lifestyles and conspicuous wealth of the Washington establishment" is obvious. This is laughable considering the obscene salaries paid to American CEO's.

James E. McGovern, Towson

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