Disturbing articles about mistreatment of women

August 27, 2010

Two articles in The Baltimore Sun of Aug. 25 were disturbing to read.

In the article "Three city school principals are formally replaced,"… "[a]dministrators said that the girl only said she wanted to commit suicide," yet her behavior said that she was disturbed enough by the bullying that she attempted to jump out a window. This is extreme behavior for anyone, and everyone should be aware that we're to take the words "I want to kill myself, or commit suicide" as true, and let the person talk to a mental health professional immediately. It's sad the amount of denial and minimizing that goes on in someone's head, and the administrators should have known better than to make such a comment.

In the other article, "Leopold hit with harassment suit", again we hear of minimizing of bad, inappropriate behavior. No one should force us to do anything, especially physically force us, and I find it abominable that "political observers" feel that voters don't care (read: are stupid) how people are treated in the workplace, as long as the elected official saves us money. And to top it all off, we're told that Mr. Leopold has been accused before for doing inappropriate things. We do look at people's intentions.

We are also supposed to imagine how it would feel it we were treated the same bad way these females were treated.

Lynne Selznick, Baltimore

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