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August 27, 2010

New Content Items

  • Blurb – Functions the same as in Assembler.  No new instructions required!
  • Acrobat File (can upload Word, Excel, PDF)
  • Graphic – You can now create Graphic content items in P2P.  This has the same functionalities as they do in Assembler and can be used as an individual content item or as a related item.  Additionally, the implementation has allowed the P2P team to develop the Photo content item in P2P, which will be released early next week!
  • Coming Soon – Map and Photo content items!

Now you don’t have to go into Assembler to create these content items!  Additionally, you can now upload Word and Excel file types to the Acrobat File content item.  Furthermore, these content item types are now searchable in P2P and will display in all auto populated drop downs and on the search results page.

Work Palette Enhancements

There have been some styling, organizational and functionality enhancements to the Work Palette. 

  • Styling Enhancements
    • You’ll notice that instead of an arrow, a red heart  now designates the Work Palette.  This heart is the first in a series of tabs that will separate different elements of the Work Palette.  Stay tuned for these additions coming in future releases.
    • Additionally, each different type of item you can place in the Work Palette has been given an icon.  These icons differ not only between Collections, Modules, Sections and Content items, but also between content items themselves.  These icons will help to visually distinguish between elements within your Work Palette.
    • You’ll also notice that the Work Palette is wider than it was before.  A wider space should make the palette feel less crammed and allow you to easily distinguish between items that have been placed inside.
    • Organizational Enhancements
      • You can now filter by the type of item you have placed in your Work Palette.  The View drop down at the top of the palette opens up to check boxes for each of the different types of items in the palette.  Un-checking certain items removes them from the Work Palette view (it does not remove them from the Work Palette).  You can not only filter by the different item types (Collections, Content Items, Modules and Sections) but can also filter by individual Content Item types.  This will greatly help when adding content items to collections or as related items because once you’ve filtered to the appropriate items, you can easily Select All and add without the fear of having selected an unwanted item.
      • In addition to the View drop down, you can also use the search box  at the top of the palette to search for items with the same title.  The free form box enables search for all items in the view (so keep in mind, if you’ve used the View filter, only the items displaying will be returned when you begin typing).  If you decide to clear your search, you can click on the to remove the text.


  • If you change pages within P2P after filtering items, your display will default back to all the items within your Work Palette.
  • Functionality Enhancements
    • You’ll notice that there is a cog icon  next to each item within the Work Palette.  This drop down allows you to perform an action on individual items within the palette.  Depending on what screen you have open, the different abilities in this drop down will change.  For example, if you are on a content item edit page, you can use this drop down to add other content items or collections to the relationship tab.
    • Additionally, you’ll notice that the check boxes on each item within the Work Palette are gone.  Instead, the entire item within the palette functions as the check box.  You can click on multiple items to select them without previous items becoming deselected.  To deselect an item, click on it again.  This enhancements makes it easier to select items without having to target a tiny check box area.
    • The rest of the functionalities, such as the Select All, Clear Selection, Action and Add drop downs function as they have before.

Adding Collections from the Work Palette to the Relationships tab

This new feature allows you to easily add a content item to multiple collections at once.  This enhanced workflow cuts down on the time it takes to get content live on your site.

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