3 clubs on Block fined for fondling between dancers, patrons

Inspectors reported inappropriate contact, clubs fined

August 26, 2010|By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun

The City's Liquor Board fined three clubs on The Block on Thursday for inappropriate "fondling" between dancers and patrons.

The Jewel Box on East Baltimore Street was fined $2,250 after a liquor board inspector testified that a dancer was lewdly touching patron John Crawford, the report said.

Liquor Board Chairman Stephan Fogleman said the club pleaded guilty, saying the dancer was fired on the spot.

Club Miami was fined $625 for a finding that a male dancer was "in close contact with a female patron," the report stated. "The patron's legs were on the shoulders of the dancer. He was grabbing her buttocks and lifting her off the bench," it said.

At the hearing, Fogleman said while it "was not the most shocking sex act," there was touching and therefore a violation — the first offense for the club, he said.

A third club, The Flamingo Lounge, was also cited after an inspector found a female dancer "fondling" a male patron, the report said.

Anthony Rosasco, manager at the club, vowed before the board to "try to do a better job and make sure it doesn't happen again."

Fogleman noted that while the club has faced other offenses, it had faced no other adult entertainment violations since 2004.

The club was fined $1,000 for the dancer and the patron.

"Hopefully, this activity will not reoccur," Fogleman told Rosasco.


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