The non-competitive 2010 ballot

August 26, 2010

I was saddened upon receiving my Baltimore County sample ballot. Having been on every ballot for the past 40 years, it is the least name-cluttered in memory. No real contest for governor, comptroller, attorney general, U.S. Senate and Congress, and the state legislature. Only two games in town - county executive and council.

My contest, County Council, features an age range of mid-40's to mid-70's. Two retired lawyers, one retired businessman, one grandmother, and all with grown children and all having made their marks in life. While enjoying participating in a political senior Olympics, I am saddened the political scene is reflective of our economic malaise.

Running for public office is comparable to discretionary spending. You do it if you have the time and money. With the current economy, would-be office seekers are working to scratch out a living. Our society loses with a ballot of a narrow selection of candidates and unopposed candidates.

Theodore Levin, Pikesville

The writer is a candidate for Baltimore County Council, District 2, in the Sept. 14 Democratic primary.

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