Latino lawbreakers don't deserve pity

August 26, 2010

In news coverage of recent assaults on Latinos the complaint has been made that many are afraid to report crime or cooperate with police because they are here illegally.

News flash! Anyone of any age, race, religion or ethnicity is reluctant to report crime or talk to police if they are breaking the law themselves! Consider too that many illegals are also guilty of identity fraud (using someone else's name, Social Security number, or fabricating an identity and using forged documents) or using their own name and fake, falsified or illegally obtained documents. Not to mention income tax evasion. Crimes for which they could receive prison time.

Anyone who is actively breaking the law "lives in the shadows." They are reluctant to report a crime against themselves or be a witness. They put their children in constant danger of being left behind while their parent or parents go to jail. No one is pitying other lawbreakers for being too afraid to cooperate with law enforcement. Do you have to be here illegally to get a free pass and sympathy?

Michelle Alston, Baltimore

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