Waste-to-energy in Carroll County

August 26, 2010

As a business leader here in Carroll County, I'd like to applaud our regional chamber for their innovative approach to solving our region's waste issue. Their support of the Waste-to-Energy facility not only shows their dedication to Carroll County's environmental future, but it also demonstrates their commitment to providing long-term cost savings and job benefits to the county's residents.

The Waste-to-Energy project would employ an estimated 600 full-time skilled construction workers during the construction phase. Another 1,000 jobs in supporting industries would be created during that time as well, not to mention the 51 full-time employees the completed project would employ. An overall $260 million is estimated to be spent in the region by the vendor during the 2.5 year construction period. Once completed, the project is expected to spend about $12 million annually on area businesses.

The WTE Project is expected to save the county as much as $230 million over a 30-year period over the current and expensive out-of-state hauling disposal methods.

These benefits speak for themselves; Carroll County cannot afford to let an opportunity like this pass. I support the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce's position on the Waste-to-Energy facility, and I encourage other business leaders to do the same.

Charles J. "Buck" Miller, Jr., Hampstead

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