Who's who at Renn Fest

August 26, 2010|By Laura Vozzella, The Baltimore Sun

The Renaissance Fair brings out an unlikely mix of people. Here are some of the folks who go and why:

Computer geeks: The parallel-universe aspect of a festival where people dress up in costumes appeals to them. For them, it's a Trekkie convention and Dungeons & Dragons rolled into one.

Bikers: They're looking for a place where it's socially acceptable to call a woman a wench. Plus, the mead and beer are flowing.

Bachelorette parties: Who doesn't look good in a St. Pauli Girl get-up? "It's a very flattering silhouette," said Carolyn Spedden, the festival's artistic director.

Families: It's outside, there's lots to see and hear, and the ribaldry is just archaic enough to fly over the kiddos' heads. Moms get themselves two-day passes so they can hit the 130 craft shops unencumbered by strollers and whiners.

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