Baltimore County politics get Hot! Hot! Hot!

Judicial and House of Delegates hopefuls mix sex and politics in unusual ways

August 25, 2010

T. Scott Beckman is a man with a very raunchy sense of humor. He's also a man running for Circuit Court judge in Baltimore County.

Does one thing have anything to do with the other?

For most voters, it's probably a matter of degree. The trouble is, to help you fully appreciate Beckman's raunchiness, I'd have to go into territory where this family newspaper isn't going to let me go.

Luckily, the sitting judges whom Beckman is challenging have created a website that pulls together lots of unfit-for-print Beckman ribaldry.

The site,, comes with a disclaimer: "Warning: Sexually explicit material not suitable for children under the age of 18."

When was the last time a Baltimore County judicial election was rated X?

Among the tamer material: Beckman's comments on a Facebook page called No Speed Limit, which features racy cars and scantily clad women. By a photo of a woman in thong bent over beside a motorcycle, Beckman wrote: "Now THAT is a great bike."

Someone else on the page asked Beckman, "Will you be using any of these models in your campaign ads."

His reply: "I'm soliciting help from all of the local colleges. Do you want to volunteer to join me when I meet the prospects in their dorm rooms?"

Beckman, who's married with two kids and is in private practice, boasted elsewhere on Facebook that he would "hire the hottest clerks."

Reached by e-mail, the 40-year-old Beckman acknowledged that the comments were his, but said that they were made in jest.

"No one is going to any college dorms to solicit poll workers," he e-mailed me. "I have not set foot on a college campus since my last Homecoming weekend. Who can even take that seriously? … I don't think my wife would appreciate it if I had 'the hottest law clerks.' Again, who can take that seriously? Should I vow to only have male law clerks? That would make me sexist."

Let me go out on a limb and declare that an all-male staff would not, alone, make Beckman sexist.

As for the sitting judges — Jan M. Alexander, Sherrie R. Bailey, S. Ann Brobst and John J. Nagle III — they're not saying much beyond what's on their site.

"Things that I would assume that voters would look for in a judge — like judicial temperament and integrity, people's views toward women and maturity — I think our judges possess," said Andrew Alperstein, chairman of the judges' political committee. "I'm not saying he's not those things. People will reach their own conclusions based on what they read."

More sizzle

Continuing with the Hot! Hot! Hot! Baltimore County politics theme, consider this ad on Craigslist:

"A Candidate for Maryland State Delegate is seeking attractive women to help him win the election. … He wants to get HOT girls to stand with him in his District and promote his campaign by waving signs and waving to drivers in sexy outfits. … The only requirement is that you're at least 18 and can rock some cleavage on a busy intersection around Baltimore County."

Gregory Prush, Republican candidate in District 11, said the ad was his way to get sex openly into politics and hypocrisy out.

"We live in a world where policy is driven by what everybody wants to hear," he said. "They don't want to hear about promiscuity and cleavage. In real life, we know our politicians, our leaders, our celebrities go to strip clubs and D.C. madams."

So Prush would be the rare politician who flaunts his fondness for hot women.

Or he would be, if he had the women. A handful of hotties have responded to his ad, but they want more money than the 23-year-old T-Mobile sales rep can offer. Which is to say, some money. He has next to none.

"My father, who's my campaign manager, has cut me off at $750," he said.

Perhaps he should pool resources with would-be Judge Beckman.

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