Misunderstanding about our "Muslim" president is understandable

August 24, 2010

While it is obvious that President Barack Obama is a Christian, based on his twenty-year weekly attendance at a United Church of Christ in Chicago, headed by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, it is still understandable that 18 percent of Americans believe that he is Muslim. During his presidency he has been eager to ally himself with Muslim countries, even apologizing to those nations for the purported sins of the U. S. against those countries, despite all our efforts to assist them, including Bosnia, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

His outreach has not been to our classical allies but rather to Muslim nations, as shown in the Cairo speech in 2009, the Ramadan dinners in the past two years, while forgoing the Christian day of prayer in The White House, and the failure to classify violence and murder as Islamic in origin, including the shootings at Fort Hood and the tragedy of The Twin Towers.

Perception is more important than reality to many, explaining why 18% think that he is a Muslim.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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