Cardin assailed on immigration

August 24, 2010

In a reply to me from Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (more likely one of his staffers with the standard Obama administration response) concerning my dissatisfaction with his stance on Arizona's attempt to do what the federal government has failed to carry out - below is an unedited excerpt from his message. To me it shows he has his priorities all mixed up and is not reflective of the views of the majority of the American populace and his constituents.

"We must require illegal immigrants to step forward and become legal and we must better secure our borders. We must restore the rule of law and enhance security at our borders. The Congress and the President must work together to reform our laws. We also must use the full force of the law against employers who hire illegal immigrants. I support changes to the law that will require illegal immigrants to become legal. They must pay taxes, learn English, and pass criminal background checks. This process won't be easy or quick, but it will be fair and practical. Individuals who came to this country illegally will be bumped to the back of the line behind those who waited to come to this country legally. And illegal immigrants with a criminal record would be deported. Those who refuse to register and meet these conditions also should be deported."

Ben, the majority of this country's populace wants the borders sealed and existing immigration laws enforced as a first priority and then deal with the illegals. These illegal entrants broke federal law when they first sneaked into this country. Why are you trying to sugarcoat and ultimately reward this illegal behavior? It is because you want their vote once they become legal? And once they become legal how is this going to help the current unemployment problems, as they will be able to legally compete against unemployed American citizens. Legalizing these people will open the door ("reunification" as you say) to their relatives to come this country further exacerbating the unemployment problems facing this country. Have you thought about the effects of these people being added to the health care rolls, Social Security system and other entitlement benefits? Based on your reply-I think not!

Ben - I think you need to get your priorities in line with the American populace and especially your constituency as your job depends on it!

Michael V Ernest, Catonsville

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