Race and the contest for Baltimore state's attorney

August 23, 2010

When I first read your front page article in The Baltimore Sun (Aug. 22), "Race underlies contest for prosecutor's office," I was appalled.

I have been following the race in Baltimore City for the prosecutor's office with some interest. But I was focusing on the two opposing candidates, and their approach to dealing with crime in Baltimore City. I have also been carefully observing their actions, and comparing their records.

But the Sunpapers made race a central issue, based on the supporters of the candidates as they campaigned. I would think that it is only natural that the candidates would campaign amongst those that they felt most comfortable with. But leave it to the Sunpapers to point out that both candidates had supporters amongst all races, and yet still make race the predominant feature in a front-page headline.

So then, even though most voters seemed most concerned about the quality of the candidates, the Sunpapers has reduced the equation to race.

How can the voters of Baltimore City hope to make an intelligent decision about the best qualified candidate for a particular office, if The Baltimore Sun insists on front-page headlines comparing the candidates based on race?

Shame on you.

Arnold Miller, Baltimore

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