Our "secret Muslim" president and mainstream media

August 23, 2010

Your August 22nd editorial lamenting the significant percentage numbers of Americans who believe Barak Obama is Muslim as nothing but conspiracy theory due to Internet-fueled rumor ("Our secret Muslim president") ignores the basis of why many may hold such beliefs.

While I don't believe or disbelieve any particular religious affiliation of Barack Obama, your professed belief that he is a Christian is clearly premised upon Mr. Obama claiming to be so. Yet the only Christian church he has ever been a member of is Trinity United Church of Christ with the race baiting, American hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. as his beloved pastor.

Was it Christianity that drew Obama to a church that espoused very un-Christian-like sermons, or was it the Rev. Wright himself because of his views? Whichever, Mr. Obama was a regular communicant for more than fifteen years. Since politics forced him to sever ties with Rev. Wright more than two years ago, Mr. Obama has not become a member of any other Christian church. Strange for such a devout Christian, no?

You ignore that millions of Muslims worldwide support the violent destruction of the United States of America and that Barack Obama's religious training in his formative childhood years was as a Muslim; that as president, Barack Obama bowed and subjugated himself (and therefore the U.S.) to Muslim leaders; of his glowing words of tribute to the Muslim world. These are facts upon which many could form a belief you state is a falsehood, yet you ignore in your editorial. It also wouldn't take millions to "uphold" that Mr. Obama is Christian, it merely takes millions to believe, as you obviously do, that he is a Christian because he said he is.

Your editorial also laments the decline and vilification by many of the once trusted "mainstream media". It appears what you really lament is that now a growing significant percentage of the population no longer trusts the opinions and slant of a mainstream media that blindly marches in lockstep with prevailing liberal viewpoints and attempts to protect liberal leaders and spokespersons at any cost.

J. Shawn Alcarese, Joppa

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