Mosque near Ground Zero a travesty

August 23, 2010

In reading the letter from Debbie DeAngelus where she criticizes state Sen. Andy Harris' opposition to the mosque that she calls a "cultural center" proposed at Ground Zero in Manhattan ("Mosque near Ground Zero is a local issue," Readers Respond, Aug. 20), I wonder if she is aware that there are some 200 mosques on the island of Manhattan, two of which are within two blocks of Ground Zero and nearly eight hundred thousand (yes,800,000) mosques in New York City which could serve the local Muslim population.

She claims this so called cultural center will "contain recreation facilities for youth, a restaurant and culinary school, education programs, a library and child care services in addition to a prayer room (mosque)". I wonder what will be taught in education center (IED-making 101?). I wonder if the library will besides the Quran contain the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. I wonder if she is aware that this cultural center will also contain a room dedicated to the memory of the hijackers, those "brave soldiers of Islam" who gave their lives in the battle to defeat the Great Satan (the United States).

I wonder if we Americans have lost our minds by sanctioning such a travesty.

William D. Young, Timonium

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