Open proposed Islamic Center to all faiths

August 23, 2010

While I feel that any religion has the right to build wherever it can obtain property I find several inconsistencies in the proposal for one to be built at Ground Zero in New York City.

First, it is curious to me that it is very close to Wall Street, and in a highly commercial business area. Are there that many Muslim traders that a mosque is necessary nearby? What one does with one's property in the city of New York has become not only the owner's business but the subject for review by every local governing organization and non-governing organization that feels it has an opinion as to what you should do with your property. For example, the Greek Orthodox Church destroyed by the World Trade Center collapse has not been given authorization to be rebuilt by the New York Port Authority, although the church has been petitioning for its reconstruction ever since it was destroyed.

Why have the municipal entities prevented the rebuilding of a church that was already there, and rushed so quickly to approve a mosque that was not? If I should move $10,000 into or out of a bank account that I would own the federal government would have to be informed where it came from and where it is going. How come the Mosque builders don't have to reveal the source of their $100 million?

How come our president has so much time on his hands that he feels the need to lecture us on what are local issues, as he did in Boston and now in New York City. Before he jumped in with two left feet this was a purely local issue. Now look at it. If the people who wish to build this Cordoba House as a tribute to those who died nearby on 9/11 why don't they make it an interfaith center for all religions, and demonstrate how open and tolerant Islam is to all religions? This action would demonstrate the openness of the moderate Islamists.

J. Schvimmer, Pikesville

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