Ten reasons to oppose Ehrlich

August 23, 2010

Ten reasons not to re-vote Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. for governor of Maryland:

Reason #1- Cutting sales tax will hurt the poor and disadvantaged by cutting much needed funds for social programs.

Reason #2- Mr. Ehrlich supports limited oil drilling off Ocean City. Seems he hasn't learned the lessons of what happened on the Gulf Coast yet!

Reason #3- Mr. Ehrlich will tear the Public Service Commission apart as he did in 2002-2006 and BGE will be granted higher and higher rates, since Mr. Ehrlich always puts big business first over the objections of the voters!

Reason #4- Mr. Ehrlich raised fees on car registration which raised them way too high and for what?

Reason #5- Remember the infamous $30-a-year flush tax back in 2003. Just think what is coming next.

Reason #6- Don't forget the five-cent property tax, which will guarantee more if Mr. Ehrlich is voted in again!

Reason #7- Mr. Ehrlich granted amnesty to tax-dodging state corporations who were shifting profits to Delaware. Maryland lost $90 million in revenue due to the actions of then-Governor Ehrlich. He also allowed corporations to get up to $8 million in total refunds as a further slap in the face to the citizens of Maryland

Reason #8- In 2002 Mr. Ehrlich made cuts to higher education that resulted in 20 percent tuition hikes, plus an additional 11.4 percent increase to the Board of Regents to meet their budget cost thru fall of 2002 to 2003, also in 2004 the cost of tuition was due to raise another 10 percent.

Reason #9- Mr. Ehrlich wanted to know why Gov. Martin O'Malley didn't block the public's vote on the Arundel Mills Casino and Slots; Mr. Ehrlich would take away the voters' right to challenge anything in the future such as this. Think about it: Once it's set you wouldn't be allowed to get petitions signed to fight it or block it. Mr. Ehrlich would set the law up to protect his rich and greedy corporate friends over the rights of the real citizens of Maryland.

Reason #10- The great state of Maryland simply cannot afford Mr. Ehrlich and the huge giveaways to the corporate sector, while at the same time having the real citizens of Maryland get shafted with high cost of whatever the corporations can bleed out of us! Maryland cannot survive with the runaway attitude of Mr. Ehrlich, which will bankrupt Maryland and its citizens in no time at all/

**Extra Credit Reason not to re-vote Mr. Ehrlich:

Mr. Ehrlich picked as his running mate the wife of a possible known criminal whose husband is under federal Investigation for his actions in the trucking Industry. The Big Question is: How could his running mate not know of her husband's actions while volunteering to work for him?

Come on. Husbands and wives talk so we can be sure as any first grader would know that she knows more than she is saying! If Mr. Ehrlich is re-voted as governor and Mr. Kane is convicted for his crimes, how can we trust his Lt. Governor to be honest to the great state of Maryland as well as its citizens?

Don't bet on it!

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood

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