City passing the buck on troubled Reservoir Hill complex

August 20, 2010

According to tax records the landlord at the Reservoir Hill complex ('The ugly just won't go away' at troubled apartment complex," Aug. 18) is paying in excess of $100,000 in property taxes per annum. Additionally, the landlord pays for all its own services, such as trash removal, water, lighting etc. What exactly are these taxes for if not for police service?

It would seem that if the property is crime ridden the police are not doing an effective job in keeping the area safe. Instead of passing the buck the mayor and police commissioner should take responsibility for the safety of the neighborhood that they are obligated to provide.

Additionally in a city plagued by vacant properties that are boarded up and pollute our landscape, it is absurd that the city is suggesting vacating a building that is occupied and well maintained. Furthermore the city suffers from insufficient revenues and they are willing to forgo these significant tax revenues.

It is poor leadership like this that is responsible for the blight, and will prevent Baltimore from improving.

Gil Horwitz

The writer is president of Sage Management LLC in Baltimore.

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