Homework tips

August 20, 2010|Baltimore Sun reporter

Scientists at Duke University, in a study of homework research, concluded that there is a positive and significant correlation between the amount of homework a student completes and success in school.Here are some other thoughts on homework:

•Homework is the student's responsibility. Parents should not be asked to "teach" math or science to their children, but they should engage the student by asking specific and detailed questions about what the student is learning and about the homework requirements.

•Parents should feel free to comment and ask questions of teachers regarding homework.

•Researchers have found the "10-minute rule" – 10 minutes of homework for each grade level — to be a legitimate formula for assigning homework

•Homework, if not properly assigned and monitored, can also have negative effects on children. For example, they can grow bored if they are required to spend too much time on schoolwork.

•Homework should never promote cheating, either through the copying of assignments or help with homework that goes beyond tutoring.

Sources: Johns Hopkins Center for School, Family and Community Partnerships and U.S. Department of Education

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