Lawsuit: Former pastor blames Best Buy's Geek Squad for computer electrocution

August 20, 2010|By Gus G. Sentementes | Baltimore Sun reporter

Charles Casey, a former pastor who used to live in Maryland, is suing Best Buy and its Geek Squad computer repair service for allegedly making negligent repairs on his computer, which caused it to shock him severely as soon as he plugged his printer into it, according to a federal lawsuit filed yesterday in Maryland.

Casey, who lived in Cockeysville, Md., but now lives in Florida with his wife, said in the lawsuit that as soon as he plugged it in, he suffered "a severe electric shock that ran through his body, with tingling in his right hand up to his shoulder, across his tongue and down his left arm."

Casey had presented his computer for repair in early September 2007 to the Geek Squad at the Best Buy in the 1700 block of York Road in Timonium, the lawsuit states. He picked up his computer from the Geek Squad on October 22, 2007, brought it home, and plugged it in to the same, untouched set-up that he had taken it from, the lawsuit states.

When he plugged the printer into the computer, he received the jolt, according to the lawsuit. Casey, who was 73 at the time, was left with two injured arms, dislocated shoulders, and a need for physical therapy. His wife had to assist and care for Casey, since he couldn't use his arms while recuperating, according to the lawsuit.

Casey is seeking $450,000 in damages. We'll be seeking comment from both Casey and Best Buy today.

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