Dwyane Wade is ready to take the heat

August 19, 2010

Dwyane Wade knows what he's going to hear for the next few days while he's in Chicago: So, why didn't you pick the Bulls?

"I expect to hear that for a while," Wade told The Associated Press on Wednesday from Chicago, where his Wade's World Foundation will hold events involving more than 1,000 children this weekend.

"Whatever jersey I'm wearing, I'm still here," said Wade, who met with the Bulls twice before re-signing with the Heat. "I'm still in the community. … It had nothing to do with Chicago. It had nothing to do with the Chicago Bulls. It had everything to do with Miami and what we had a chance to do down there."

Wade — who hosts two basketball camps in Chicago, plus has a mother who holds events at her church in the city — said so far the support he's seen from his hometown has been unwavering.

"The kids can separate it. It's the adults we have to fight against," he said. "It's just not their lives.

Stephen Curry sprained his left ankle at Team USA practice, but it was described as minor.

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