Troubled Reservoir Hill complex: Government not a nanny

August 19, 2010

Re: The Baltimore Sun article about the unusually violent projects in Reservoir Hill ("'The ugly just won't go away' at troubled apartment complex," Aug. 18): One woman was complaining that she kept trying to get the government to find her housing somewhere better and she was afraid to let her children play outside.

This individual was 27 and had seven children from 9 years to 4 months. Was the father(fathers?) of these children providing financial support? Or in the picture at all? Was this woman who was so eager to complain about government subsidized housing employed at all?

The government is not a nanny. If people can't show some personal responsibility why should they expect the government (that is to say the taxpayers) to be giving them vouchers to live in quality housing and have the same quality of life that people who work hard and make good life choices have?

Government assistance is not for able-bodied people who refuse to work or have more children than they can afford. Time to learn what grownups know: Bad choices lead to bad outcomes. You don't get to complain about circumstances you have brought on yourself. And you really don't get to blame someone else!

Michelle Alston, Baltimore

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