Harris ignores strip club near Ground Zero

August 19, 2010

In your recent article, you state that state Sen. Andy Harris feels that building a Community Center near the Ground Zero site is "blatantly disrespectful" and the government should step in to stop it ("Harris calls mosque proposal 'blatantly disrespectful,'" Aug. 18).

Is he a member of the party that preaches less-intrusive government? Is Mr. Harris aware that this proposed Cultural Center at the site of a former Burlington Coat Factory would contain recreation facilities for youth, a restaurant and culinary school, education programs, a library and child care services, in addition to a prayer room (mosque) which is all open to the public? Is he also aware that a "gentleman's club" exists within the same proximity to Ground Zero? Apparently, it's OK with Mr. Harris that a strip club can operate at the "sacred ground" surrounding Ground Zero, but the cultural center is disrespectful and should be stopped.

I much prefer Rep. Frank Kratovil's position that this is a local issue for the city and residents of New York, without federal government interference.

Debbie DeAngelus, Reisterstown

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