Outlawing "legal pot" in Baltimore County

August 18, 2010

I definitely support City Council member Kevin Kamenetz's plan to bring about a law making K2 and chemicals that have similar effects illegal ("Days of 'legal pot' could be numbered in Balto. County," Aug. 17).

I think that if marijuana is outlawed, substances that share its effects should be too. They seem as if they are equally dangerous, having the same side effects such as racing heartbeats, headaches, and high blood pressure. If they have that much in common, it is possible that K2 and the like may be every bit as addicting as pot. Finally, the fact that K2 is so readily available is frightening; at least marijuana isn't so easy to get a hold of.

The fact that it is in Ocean City is also a great cause of concern, given how many recent graduates go there for senior each year. Overall, all of these things lead me to be in support of possible bills dealing with marijuana substitutes in Maryland and to recommend that of states to a similar course of action before it becomes a greater problem than it is now.

Lisa March, Baltimore

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