Andy Harris's selective outrage over mosque near Ground Zero

August 18, 2010

State Sen. Andy Harris thinks it is "blatantly disrespectful" to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Ground Zero is a memorial to the 3,000 Americans who died on September 11th and it will be impossible for "Americans" to feel comfortable visiting and morning there if there is a mosque near by" ("Harris calls mosque proposal 'blatantly disrespectful,'" Aug. 18).

Does Mr. Harris think that Americans are only non-Muslim? Isn't it possible that some people of the Muslim faith also died on Sept. 11th and that maybe Muslim Americans should feel comfortable morning at Ground Zero as well?

My opinion is anyone who wants to come to Ground Zero to remember and mourn should feel comfortable doing so. The Constitution gives us various freedoms and guarantees the separation of church and state. Many people have given their lives to protect these freedoms. The government should not be dictating where, whom, or what can be built as long as the property is legally owned and complies with the pre-defined building codes, etc.

If Mr. Harris doesn't agree with that, he should not be an elected official in this country because he obviously only supports the Constitution when it fits his prejudices and opinions.

Howard Calk, Baltimore

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